Benefits of Eating Tomatoes When Stress

Benefits of Eating Tomatoes When Stress
Consumption of certain foods such as chocolate and fruit and vegetables has been shown to protect against depression. A study has found the magical benefits of tomatoes can reduce the risk of depression by half if consumed regularly. The team of researchers from Japan analyzed the medical records and dietary habits of 986 people aged over 70 years and found that participants who regularly consumed fruits were significantly less likely to develop depression. The results of the study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that people who ate tomatoes two to six times a week had a 46 percent lower likelihood of developing depression than those who ate fruit less than once a week tomatoes. Furthermore, the researchers also found that participants who consumed tomato products every day can reduce the risk of depression by 52 percent. The researchers claim that fruits and vegetables do not have the same benefits as tomatoes. Scientific discoveries show that eating healthy vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, onions, squash and green leafy vegetables seem to only slightly affect the mental well-being of research participants. The researchers noted that 34.9 percent of participants had depressive symptoms either mild or severe, and approximately 20.2 percent of the participants had experienced major depression. Experts note that parents are significantly more likely to develop depression as a mood effect of declining health and loneliness. The team of researchers from China and Japan, led by Dr. Kaijun Niu from China's Tianjin Medical University wanted to investigate whether the tomatoes are rich in antioxidants to protect against some diseases will also be able to help promote the psychological well-being, as reported by Medical Daily. Tomatoes are a source of lycopene, an antioxidant that gives natural color in tomatoes and has been associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer and heart attacks. The researchers said that in addition to protecting the prostate and heart, lycopene may also protect physical and mental health by reducing oxidative stress or damage to brain cells healthy. It is unclear whether lycopene in tomatoes can directly affect the brain or can protect against depression that occurs when a person develops a chronic disease such as cancer. However, the researchers conclude that these findings suggest that a diet of tomatoes might be having a deterrent effect on symptoms of depression than other vegetables.

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