Beware, Joy Crisp Food Heart Disease Risk


Beware, Joy Crisp Food Heart Disease Risk
Crunchy foods such as pastries, crispy chicken, or steak meat are a favorite food to many people. But did you know that food can produce compounds that are harmful to the heart if cooked by methods that are not appropriate?

Cooking food by using high temperatures and low humidity can produce chemical compounds called advanced glaciation products (AGEs). In fact, according to a recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana, USA, AGEs may increase the risk of heart disease.

When sugars and proteins cooked at high temperatures and low humidity, both of which can interact to form a crust known as caramelization. This is why foods like grilled chicken or crisp bread has a crunchy outer layer, savory and tastes delicious.

The process of scaling these foods can lead in the formation of AGEs. This is potentially harmful to health, due to higher exposure to AGEs contributes to the risk of heart disease.

"People with diabetes have blood-glucose levels higher, so the body produces more AGEs naturally," said Claudia Luevano Contreras, author to the study as reported by prevention, Monday (29/10/2012).

This is the reason why people with diabetes are more likely to develop vascular damage than people who do not have diabetes. However, you can still enjoy the food crisp by modifying the method of cooking.

AGEs in the diet depend on the nutrient composition and method of cooking. So needed right way to cook foods containing protein or high sugar so as not to harm your heart.

Here are four methods of cooking crunchy food safer for the heart:

1. Braising
This method is done by cooking meat at low heat in a long time. Cooking meat at a low temperatures over a long time can increase humidity and reduce AGEs.

2. Stewing
Enabling stewing is a cooking technique or food that has been cut to small pieces using a liquid that is not too much in the pot slowly. This method can also increase humidity and reduce AGEs, and the smell of cooking more out perfectly.

3. Cooking at lower temperatures
Cooking at lower temperatures would require more time, but this way can maintain nutrition, especially on the greens.

4. Parboil
This method would not apply to meet, because the bacteria contained in the meat will not die if cooked medium, rare and dangerous to health. Cooking vegetables can retain their half-cooked protein and vitamins.
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