Increase Activity Help Prevent Obesity

Increase Activity Help Prevent Obesity
Mother is one component of nutrients that are needed by the body. One of the benefits of fat in the body is to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. In addition. It also serves to keep the fat organs and metabolism. But, what if the excess fat in your body? People who have the amount of fat in the body will be too much overweight (over weight) to Obesity. This happens because of an unhealthy diet and a lot happens in adults. Obesity can also be caused by genetic factors, psychological factors caused by emotional disorders and some diseases such as neurological disorders and other diseases. This was stated by dr. Judo Haryo Prabowo in Talkshow "Healthy Living Solutions" at SPACE HEALTH RADIO, 1278 AM STEREO morning.

How to know a person's obesity is by measuring body fat or body mass index through measurement. Since Besides reducing the aesthetics, obesity will cause a person to feel tired although only slight activity, body odor as more sweat, to be habitual snoring during sleep.

In addition to increasing your physical activity to burn calories, diet regulation should be maintained. Someone with obesity also can make a healthy diet, of course, tailored to each group suffering from obesity. At the sufficiently low-risk group with a diet with moderate exercise. For the intermediate risk group, can make a low-calorie diet and exercise. For high-risk groups, in addition to diet and exercise routine activity, and do your doctor's advice for controlling obesity.

In a diet, a person with symptoms of obesity must still meet the metabolic needs of the body in order to keep it running smoothly. Obesity is a chronic complaint, not acute, so that the handle is also required, and the process is not a short time.

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